Hello! Our names are Meagan and Kain and  we are the founders of Hit Your Potential. We are both Certified Personal trainers, living in Las Vegas, NV but training clients online all over the world.

Why Hit Your Potential?  Well, when we first started our fitness journeys we were both at our worst physical shape. This was during our college years. We knew that we weren't living up to our fullest potential because of the way we were taking care of ourselves and wanted to make a change. 

Potential can be limitless, but time isn’t. We realized that although we were in our early 20's, if we didn't start making changes now, we would never get to where we wanted to be physically but also mentally. We decided to make a change, getting uncomfortable to chase what we knew we were capable of.

 Working out has transformed more than just our bodies. It has opened so many doors for us, and we want to keep spreading our message by helping other people realize their own potential.

 We started this company as a side gig to make extra money by selling our bands on Amazon, but slowly found a passion for helping people and turned HYPLV into a community of people who want to become better versions of themselves. 

Our mission at Hit Your Potential is to help people change their mindsets and start taking action to change their lives.